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Connecting Fathers in Business with their Power to create More Time for themselves, Abundant Love at home and Limitless Reward at work

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You're a man that's striving for success.

Let me guess, you're standing at the bottom of the mountain, looking up and wondering 'how do I get to the top?'


How do I know what that feels like?

Because I was YOU. I felt exactly like that too.


But the truth is, it's not about focusing on the peak of the mountain, it's about finding your purpose and enjoying each step of the climb. That’s why I now use the high-performance strategies that has seen me become a gold medal-winning blackbelt to help men to develop their mindset, skillset and ultimately empower them to live a life they love on their terms.

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Connecting men with their power to create success in work and life.
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Identifying your values to design a life that is aligned for you
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Building structure and streamlining your business processes
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Achieving your goals through consistent, focused action
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Life is 80% mindset and 20% skillset - imagine if you had both nailed.

Are you ready to climb towards the peak of your potential?

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Imagine what you could achieve when we work together to set big goals, handle your overwhelm, fine-tune your values, increase your courage, develop the strength to heighten your vulnerability and ultimately accelerate your ability to create the life that you truly deserve. 


Most of my high-performing clients come to me because they want to take their life, business, relationships, finances and successes to the next level. It might be that they need guidance to fine-tune their own balance, maybe they know they can be a better partner, husband, Dad, boss etc. or want a fresh perspective on running a business that fulfils them and rewards them handsomely.

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Proximity is power which is why I have developed the Live Learn Grow Mastermind, strictly for a selected group of high-performing men.


Across this 12 month mastermind you will attend monthly in-person sessions working through the ‘Live Learn Grow’ peak-performance methodology, identifying your 5 key pillar advancement areas, share and serve through the roundtable coaching sessions and set targeted goals for accountability.

Event photot from a business mastermind with Ned Shakir

The journey is
a challenge

And as a gold medal, martial artist I understand the importance of discipline, consistency and the need to focus on yourself. 


But, for a long time, the biggest challenge I was frightened to face was the one with myself. 

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You can get to the next level 
just like these guys

Ned shakir testimonial andrew

"This man is amazing. From the first conversation I had with him, he helped me straight away. He has helped me change the way I think and makes it easy to find solutions to any problem that you have. Don't think about contacting him... Do It! "

- Andrew

Ned shakir testimonial billy

"Ned has been instrumental in my growth as a son, brother and human being, through his coaching programme he helped me feel more confident, recognise what I truly value and become more successful in all areas of my life."

- Billy

Ned shakir testimonial mike

"Ned has a wonderful way to put you at ease whilst still being able to help identify where you are in life, where you want to be and how to get there. Ned's methods are delivered in easy to digest portions, so you can attain your goals one step at a time."

- Mike

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