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The reason I know I can help you, is because I have been on the same journey.
ned smiling at camera wearing red stripe t-shirt


I had all the trappings of success; the fancy job, the salary, the holidays, cars, the bonuses and I thought that was enough. I then created my own business, quickly scaling a team and building multiple properties - I thought that surely that will be enough.


I was wrong.
It wasn't enough, because


I was frustrated, unfulfilled, stuck, lacked focus and was surrounded by a negative environment until I started to develop my coaching methodology that drives peak performance.


It challenged me, made me face my vulnerability and ultimately enabled me to excel at the things that once scared me.


This took the same mindset and mentality as I grew to become a 2 x gold medal winning martial artist.

ned shakir showing black belt in martial arts

I'm on a mission to....

Be the go-to coach for men wanting to make a positive shift in their personal life and business.

Inspire men to live a life they desire.

Break down gender stereotypes.

Give men the courage to be vulnerable and positively improve their mindset.

Identify clients' values so they can design a life that is aligned with them.

Help clients structure their working life, streamlining their business processes in order to give well-needed balance to their personal life.

Show it's possible to create a life full of adventure for them and their loved ones.

ned shakir standing wearing check suit jacket

What's the next level for you

I know this sounds like a cliche, but if I can turn my life around then so can you.


And through my strategic guidance and expert coaching I want to show you exactly how. Life is an adventure, but we often find ourselves too busy, too stressed and too worried about finances to actually live fully. I want to give you the methodologies, tactics and tools to be able to create a life you truly deserve and desire.


Knowing what the ‘next-level’ looks like is tough. And sometimes it starts from taking a step back and observing the view before you take the first step up the mountain.

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